Using Analytics to Its Fullest- Webinar!

Anyone can utilize Analytics to pull some basic stats. But, our April webinar will show you how you can push Analytics to the limit to get the most out of it! Join us at 12:00 on Monday, April 23- Register HERE! Our Analytics guru, Bethany Bey, will walk you through where you should focus your attention to pull the right information.

The purpose of this webinar is to focus on the features in Analytics that can provide PPC managers with valuable information to enhance account performance that you may not be familiar with. We’ll look at tracking different elements of your PPC account to better gauge performance. We’ll also look at multi-channel funnels to better understand your sales cycle and how PPC interacts with other marketing channels.

Awareness of lesser-known Analytics features
The ability to make data-driven budget allocation decisions
Capability to track performance of ad sitelinks

Monday, April 23
12:00 – 1:00 EST
Register Today!

Hanapin’s Master List of 2017 PPC Updates

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