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  1. Henrik Ernst Hansen

    First of all congratulations Amber with your newborn son.

    Nice post but I would have liked more indepth insights in every myth. I think myth no. 1 is one of the most important misconceptions within PPC marketing. A lot of money is wasted here because of “position vanity” and a general poor PPC knowledge. Advertisers should focus on ROI instead, unless the top positions are a part of an overall strategy (branding, visibility, market penetration etc.)

  2. Joseph

    What about the myth that says, “Don’t repeat keywords between campaigns or ad groups.” or “Never use almost identical broad search terms such as –skiing help– and –help skiing–“

  3. billy

    #36…..i’m gonna pass this off to some current/former clients of mine. If I had a dollar for every person that started an ecommerce site that said “if that company can make money, so could I”, or “adwords works for this company, it should work for mine”, I would have a nice chunk of change.

    Although I do not completely agree with it though. The definition of work changes depending on who you ask. While in many cases, ppc may return a net loss, or break even, it does help build a customer base and if the company has a good retention model and customer service, they should be able to build lifetime value. One of my current clients has been pretty much at break-even levels as far as ppc goes from before I took over his account to present, but the difference is, when I took it over, his overall revenue increased dramitically….but ppc is still break-even. So whenever he tells me he isn’t happy with the ROI, I tell him to shut off ppc and see what happens to his sales if he thinks it’s not working.

  4. Andy @ FirstFound

    I didn’t find it too long at all.

    Points number 3 and 26 are especially good points. Too many people assume that massive keywords dump work, and without a good PPC management firm to advise them otherwise, it’s an assumption that will cost them lots of money.

    And congratulations to the author on her new arrival!

    1. Anand Mistry


      Yeah.. you right… But, Internet is full with content (In Terabyte)

      Bye the way,, this is just my mind bubble. It’s really great work by Jessica.

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  6. Michael

    Hi Amber,

    Great post and all great points. Congratz on the new arrival as well!!!

    Regarding point 33, I came across a 3rd party tool called Kenshoo that offers insight into every click in your conversion funnel. I think it would be great if all 3 engines started doing the same.

    Keep up the great work.

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