5 thoughts on “Account Structure: The Backbone of PPC Success

  1. Jens

    hmmm and what is the right structure in ppc-heros opinion? in comparison to this article: http://www.ppchero.com/a-perfect-account-structure-fact-or-unicorn/

    i am very uncertain how to structure my accounts now. in the past it was all matchtypes in one adgroup and campaigns for each topic. now it is campaigns for each topic but adgroups seperated by matchtype.

    Is the right way now to use campaigns for each matchtype? To work easy with negativlists and to controll google?
    thanks in advance

    1. Jeff

      Hi Jens

      There is not a right or wrong way to set up your campaigns structure in regard to breaking out match types. I’ve personally had more success splitting out the match types so I can bid, budget, and message each keyword type separately. My best advice if your unsure what to do is test campaign structures and see what works best for you.

      1. Jens

        thanks jeff for your quick answer. i think for my biggest account i will try to restructure it and have one campaign for each matchtype. at the moment it is one non-brand campaign with exact and broad adgroups in it. it works – but there are very often missmatching and querys which should belong to the exact and not to the broad match. so i think its easier for me and my co-worker to have matchtype-campaigns, setup a exact negative list and minimize the missmatchings with in easy move.
        in the old structure we would have to do it for each adgroup. but yeah – i am uncertain if it is working or if i kill the account.


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