And Yet Another Wave of Yahoo! ‘Minimum Bid Requirements’ and Keyword Updates

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This will admittedly be a short post.  But I find it incredibly odd how Yahoo! has programmed their minimum bid system.  In lieu of dynamically updating accounts that need attention on an as-needed basis – instead, Yahoo! rolls out massive updates to everyone at once.

For a bit of perspective, with Google, your Quality Score and first-page bidding system is a living breathing thing.  When a keyword drops below a certain threshold, your Quality Score drops, and so does your “estimated bid to reach the first page.”  This real-time data is extremely important to quality PPC management.

Yahoo! instead pushes out massive changes all at once.  Starting yesterday afternoon the entire PPC Hero team started receiving emails with this general message:

This is a courtesy notice to inform you that the minimum bid requirement on one or more of the keywords in your account ‘Generic Account Name‘ [*********] has recently decreased.

And the emails kept coming…  all night.  I can’t imagine this being a good strategy for Yahoo! pushing all of that out all at once.  Plus, for us advertisers, that means we’re potentially in the dark about potentially important changes coming down the pike because we have to wait for the email blast.  But I digress.  I’ve had my rants on Yahoo! before, yet I keep coming back for more.  At least I haven’t lost TOTAL faith in Yahoo! and I had reason to receive those emails at all.  I’m still getting some solid results for quite a few of my clients.

I’d be interested if anyone else was a part of this ‘minimum bid requirement’ email blast yesterday/last night?  Let me know in the comments below!

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12 thoughts on “And Yet Another Wave of Yahoo! ‘Minimum Bid Requirements’ and Keyword Updates

  1. Dave Davis

    Hey John,
    Got the blast but with a slight surprise. Not a single keyword DEACTIVATED but at least two hundred reactivated due to minimum bods being dropped. I have to say, I’m thrilled.

  2. JohnJohn Post author

    @ Dave,

    Yeah, the majority of mine were reactivated as well. Though what kills me is that this happened on a handful of accounts that are paused. Yeah! My paused keywords now have a lower minimum bid!

    Hopefully yours were in active campaigns (I’m assuming yes). : )

  3. Jeremy

    Yep, I got them too.

    All my Yahoo accounts are paused so it really doesn’t matter to me. Yahoo’s been such a joke for the past 6 months I’ve pulled all my business from them. Unlike you John, I have lost all faith:-)

    Keep up the great work on the best paid search blog out there, hands down.

  4. JohnJohn Post author

    @ Jeremy,

    Thanks for the compliment! I’ve got a few clients who still get a solid CPA from Yahoo! in spite of everything going on there. So, I’m not going to break away from what’s working.

    @ Milhouse,

    I actually laughed on a couple of them. My thought process: “Hmm… well that account’s been down for 6 months. Really don’t think they care anymore!”

  5. Jeremy

    John, I know what you mean, it was hard for me to pull the plug on some Yahoo stuff that was working…but I did. It took some effort but I made the volume up elsewhere. Yahoo’s policies and lack of direction for their paid search platform/product has really left a bad taste in my mouth. I plan to revisit this year – I think their new leader is making some much needed changes.

  6. Paul S

    What made me crazy is that they didn’t show you which they adjusted (unless I missed it) and I hadn’t taken the precaution of keeping an archival copy of the campaign or memorizing the bids, so I have no idea which they adjusted.

  7. JohnJohn Post author

    @ Paul S,

    If you log into the accounts you received notices for, take a look at the “Alerts” box on the Dashboard. There should be a link that will take you to the list of affected keywords.

    Hope that helps!

  8. Jon Lee Clark

    I got them to … and they kept coming and coming. Like @Jeremy all of my accounts are paused as well. The ROI just tumbled off the table and rather than worry whether or not Yahoo was going to ‘optimize’ my account on their own or randomly increase/decrease minimum bids I just re-allocated budgets elsewhere. I’m starting to see some great returns from adCenter.

  9. JohnJohn Post author

    @ Jon,

    I can count the number of my own personal accounts in Yahoo! that are doing well on one hand. In Google… well, I’d need an abacus.

    Interesting point on adCenter. While the return hasn’t been exactly perfect, I have seen an uptick in traffic and conversions from adCenter in 2 of my larger accounts in the past few months. A trend I hope to see continue for sure.

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