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Jessica is a former Account Manger at Hanapin Marketing, a search engine marketing firm focused on generating results through pay-per-click advertising.

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Ticker Tuesday: Using Video In PPC

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It's sometimes easy to assume that video is only good for SEO.  But video has a lot to offer PPC, especially when it comes to landing pages, conversion types, product demonstrations, and convincing your customers to convert.  In this episode of Ticker Tuesday, we take you through the ways that video PPC can improve your overall PPC performance, as well…
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What We Wished We Had Known About PPC

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Here at Hanapin, we love working with pay per click.  We hound after the latest and greatest PPC news, integrate ourselves with advanced tools, and share our expertise through guides, series, and (coming soon!) our very own Hero Conf. But there was a time when we were all PPC beginners, and so the team sat down to share the things…
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Ticker Tuesday: 3 Ways To Apply SEO Fundamentals To PPC

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Part of why I love being a search marketer is that there is such a thriving culture, whether you interact with your fellow SEMers online, at conferences, or even at your local bar.  But one thing that has always surprised me about my friends who do exclusively SEO, or have dabbled in SEO but no other form of online marketing,…
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Ticker Tuesday: Organizing PPC Campaigns For Fun And Profit

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Increasing your Quality Score is fun, right? And, hey, profit's pretty okay too. But to achieve an enjoyable and lucrative PPC account, it's important to ensure that your campaign structure is organized to bring you in the highest Quality Score as possible.  In this episode of Ticker Tuesday, we walk you through the different ways you can organize your PPC account,…
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