How To Build Your Own Facebook PPC Campaign From Scratch

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The PPC landscape continues to evolve and change each and every day. With this change comes the relentless need to stay ahead of the game. However, I’ve found it to be surprisingly difficult when it comes to advertising on Facebook, primarily because of the lack of information out there. In fact, there are still several questions regarding Facebook ads and how to set them up, which deserve more attention and clarification.

For this reason, I decided to dedicate today’s video blog to Facebook campaign setup. Although I’ve seen several text articles regarding Facebook setup, those don’t quite do it for me. I tend to learn best through visual demonstrations, so it is my hope that anyone interested in Facebook can take something useful away from this video and get started today.



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5 thoughts on “How To Build Your Own Facebook PPC Campaign From Scratch

  1. Gnosis Media Group

    We’ve found that the Sponsored Stories/Promoted Posts seem to do very well in terms of getting good engagement at a good CPC. The other FB PPC Strategies … well, not so sure about those yet!

    Eric Bryant
    Gnosis Media Group

  2. Meghan McArthur

    Thanks for taking the time to create this easy step-by-step how-to Dave.
    I agree with Eric that the Sponsored Stories fair much better than the other strategies. CPC is good but if it doesn’t convert what’s the point?!



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