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Dave is an Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing, a search engine marketing firm focused on account growth and improving performance results through pay-per-click advertising.

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How To Build Your Own Facebook PPC Campaign From Scratch

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  The PPC landscape continues to evolve and change each and every day. With this change comes the relentless need to stay ahead of the game. However, I've found it to be surprisingly difficult when it comes to advertising on Facebook, primarily because of the lack of information out there. In fact, there are still several questions regarding Facebook ads and…
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Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Landing Pages?

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For this Month’s Series, we’re going to be talking about new and exciting things that you can test within the wonderful world of PPC.  Take your accounts to the next level with some of these new techniques or tools. Businesses work hard to keep their storefronts clean. Well, sometimes I beg to differ myself, but that’s beside the point. They…
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Case Study: Geo Segmentation & How It Can Help Your PPC Campaigns In 2013

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Granularity is an important concept for many PPC accounts today. In fact, the way you segment your campaigns and ad groups can have a huge effect on key metrics like conversion volume and CPA. This granular segmentation is particularly useful for those larger accounts that drive a lot of volume and spend quickly. After successfully testing this on one of…
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Lessons Learned From AdWords Flexible Reach

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Lots of crazy stuff has happened in PPC during 2012.  Even though that’s been true pretty much every year since its launch, we at PPC Hero felt that it was a big enough year to justify its very own series.  That’s why for this month’s series we’re taking on the Biggest Thing in My PPC Year.  Whether it’s tools, product…
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Strapped For Cash? Here are 13 Optimization Tips For Managing Low-Budget PPC Accounts

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I’m sure most of you had thoughts about managing what you would consider being a dream account. You know, a high-spending client that generates tons of sales with CPA inline. Heck, maybe you even access to a full landing page design and backend development team who are awaiting orders. Unfortunately, this just isn’t realistic for those of us who work…
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