Google Analytics and PPC: a match made in heaven. While your pay-per-click accounts provide a great deal of reporting visibility, they aren’t much of a help for measuring website use statistics. This is where Google Analytics steps into the picture. These posts explain the best Analytics reports for improving your PPC performance.

8 PPC Hacks You Should Be Using

By , Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Let’s face it: we could all use a little help. Today, I’m showcasing 8 PPC hacks that can help your campaigns flourish. You may know of a few of these already, but even if just one is new to you—you could really rake in the benefits!   Ad Hacks   Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) or Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)…

Google Updates: Brand in Analytics, Powerful Location Segmenting, and AdMob

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

It’s been a busy week for the developers over at Google AdWords and Analytics, as they’ve rolled out a bevy of new functionality items over the past few days.   Automating Branded Segmenting in Analytics Recognizing the ubiquity of the commonplace best practice to segment Brand traffic out from the rest, Google Analytics can now automatically do this for you.…
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New AdWords Conversion Settings Now Available in Analytics

By , Production Specialist at Hanapin Marketing

The ability to view your goal completions and other statistics from Google Analytics in the AdWords interface is a great feature that Google offers advertisers. As Google AdWords makes updates to conversion tracking, wouldn't it be nice if all of those updates applied to the goals and transactions that you import into AdWords from Google Analytics? Well, now they can!…
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Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Briefly Broken

By , Production Specialist at Hanapin Marketing

It's Monday Morning. You're about to do your PPC statistical Analysis after the weekend, and you see an extremely low conversion count. What did you do wrong? The answer could be nothing, as it appears that there was an error in Google's reporting system this past weekend. The issue appears to have only affected conversion and revenue data. Our Google representative confirmed there…
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How To Stop Wasting AdWords Spend In Just Two Clicks

By , Product Development Manager at Hanapin Marketing

It only takes one person making a small mistake to start driving tons of traffic to a broken 404 page. Even companies with great communication can easily have between 10% and 25% broken ads, wasting thousands in ad spend. That's why we created Broken Link Checker.   Find broken AdWords ads in just two clicks.   Broken Link Checker looks…
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