Google Analytics and PPC: a match made in heaven. While your pay-per-click accounts provide a great deal of reporting visibility, they aren’t much of a help for measuring website use statistics. This is where Google Analytics steps into the picture. These posts explain the best Analytics reports for improving your PPC performance.

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How to Further Refine Your Remarketing Lists

Remarketing can be an effective tool to use when wanting to target a more qualified audience. By focusing on users who have already visited your site, you should be reaching those that have more of an interest in what you …

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PPC Roundtable: What’s Your Anti-Wishlist?

Every once in a while here at PPC Hero, we like to ask big questions. Questions so big they have numerous answers. And then our writing staff gets together and each offers their own thoughts and perspectives on the answer …

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5 Metrics I Use to Measure Account Success

The most fundamental question I always ask myself when managing an account is what metrics should I be looking at and analyzing. The answer I always arrive at is ‘everything’. Even the slightest, most mundane piece of information might hold …


Why You Have To Get Used To Universal Analytics

For this month’s series, we’re providing a little bit of perspective on the hectic events of 2013. As we’ve left Enhanced Campaigns pretty well covered this year, this week we’ll be dedicating our time to some of the other (non-Enhanced …


Demystifying Universal Analytics: An Introduction To The Upgrade

We’ve all heard the buzz about Universal Analytics and it’s time to face your fears! This introductory walk-through shows that there’s nothing to be afraid of, especially now that Google Analytics and Universal Analytics are operating hand-in-hand. Whether you’re peering …

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What You Didn’t Know About Your Users: Google Analytics Secondary and Custom Dimensions

Google announced on 11/21 that they are enhancing their standard analytics reporting to provide deeper insights. Many new secondary dimensions have been added, along with custom dimensions that allow you to bring in business data that brings additional clarity and …

Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday, Google Analytics!

8 years ago, Google released Analytics. We think that’s reason to celebrate! Check out a few of our favorite articles about every PPC pro’s favorite analytics tool…

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Ad Guardian: Protect Your Accounts While You Sleep

We created PPC Hero to help PPC pros learn. Now we’ve launched Hero Pro to help them DO.  As you may have noticed, Hero Pro is a new section of PPC Hero. It’s filled to the brim with advanced PPC tools, content …

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How the Visitors Flow Report in Analytics Will Make Your Account Better

The Visitors Flow report in Google Analytics gives a great visualization of what users are doing on your site.  Since we PPC’ers are paying for our traffic, it is imperative that we have maximum clarity into their behavior.  You can …


Get the Data You Need – Custom Reports in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a resource full of actionable data. While the data is already there, you have to pull it out and put it together. Spending a lot of time sorting and clicking through Analytics is tiresome and makes you less likely to check in regularly. Custom reports give you the ability to do all of that so much faster.