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Creating great PPC landing pages isn’t easy. That is why PPC Hero is here to provide you with great landing page ideas and other management tips for increasing your pay-per-click conversion rates. Enjoy!

How PPC And CRO Work Together To Provide Great Results

By , CRO Manager

Editors Note: This was post was co-written by CRO Manager, Samantha Kerr, and Account Manager, Kelsey Hadaller.   At Hanapin Marketing, we have dedicated roles for Conversion Rate Optimization, PPC Account Management, and routine PPC account tasks. CRO Managers and Account Managers have very different focuses, but find a way to work together to integrate CRO and overall PPC strategy.…

Lower Their Risk To Increase Your Conversions

By , CEO of Nerds Do It Better

  If you could pay your bills in clicks you would be rich.   But you can’t.... and for that reason your current PPC campaign is failing.   Looking at your data you see that users do type in your keywords, do click on your ads, and do go to your landing page. Then, for reasons you don’t completely understand…

Transform Your PPC Landing Page Forms

By , CEO of Nerds Do It Better

  You are running a lead generation campaign, at least in theory.   What you are actually running is just a campaign, because the leads are not coming in. You continue to pay for users to click on the ads and the users continue to leave your landing page without submitting their information.   This is not a good situation.…

How I Raised My Conversion Rate By 400% In 6 Days (And Why These Numbers Count)

By , CEO of Nerds Do It Better

  Many times the difficulty with PPC is that users don’t know and trust your company yet.   You could run the most trustworthy company in the world, but because users only know of your company via an online search, they automatically give you the same level of trust they would if Bernie Madoff told them he had a great…

Harmony, Intent & Facebook Landing Pages

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

We spend a lot of time talking about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and landing page optimizations. Landing pages should be extremely relevant to the ad. There should be congruency between the ad’s call-to-action and the page’s call-to-action. Buttons should be a complimentary color! PPC specific landing pages are a must! Less is more! These items are important and can drastically…

The Importance of PPC Landing Pages

By ,

A landing page at its most basic is any web page that a person can visit or “land” on when navigating the Internet. These pages can be structured and organized in different ways for a variety of purposes. News sites have pages that are full of the latest news, arranged so that a visitor will engage with that content. Ecommerce…

Use The Destination URL Report To Find Your Best Landing Pages

By , Senior Account Analyst at Hanapin Marketing

PPC Hero series week continues as we review how various reports can help you achieve your account goals. Yesterday, Carrie took a look at better reporting for location extensions. Today, Jacob dives into the destination URL report to find your best landing pages.   The destination URL report, one of the many facets of the dimensions tab, delivers metrics tied…

6 Easy Landing Page Updates To Improve Quality Score

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Here at PPC Hero we have covered how to improve your quality score quite a bit. If you are a regular reader you are certainly familiar with tips such as smaller ad groups, tightly themed keywords, and relevant ad copy. Today we will cover adjustments you can make to your landing page to positively impact quality score.   Quality score…

[Webinar Recording] Landing Page Games: Science vs Magic

By , Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing

In this new contest from PPC Hero, participants were pitted against each other in two brackets, the science bracket and the magic bracket. The first round was the reader vote where YOU got to decide who advanced to the final rounds for the live webinar. In the recording, Hanapin Marketing's CRO expert, Sam Owen, and Guest Judge, Tommy Walker from…

Landing Page Games: Science vs Magic [New Landing Page Critique Webinar!]

By , Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Introducing a new contest from PPC Hero! Participants will be pitted against each other in two brackets, the science bracket and the magic bracket. The first round is the reader vote where YOU get to decide who should advance to the final rounds for the live webinar. Voting is still taking place and ends at Noon on Tuesday, September 9,…