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Creating great PPC landing pages isn’t easy. That is why PPC Hero is here to provide you with great landing page ideas and other management tips for increasing your pay-per-click conversion rates. Enjoy!


Stop Guessing: Get CRO Tactics That Drive Results [New #ThinkPPC Webinar!]

So much attention in digital advertising happens before the click: bidding, testing, optimizing, and more. But one of the most valuable ways to get results is by optimizing what a user sees and does at the end of their click …

Best Buy's Black Friday Landing Page

5 Key Ingredients For Holiday Website Greatness

For November’s series we’re diving into the exciting world of the holiday season. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and Boxing Day (for our non-American friends) all approaching quickly we’re sharing our favourite tips & tricks for strong holiday-PPC results. …

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CRO Landing Page Critique [Webinar]

Attention all PPC Heroes! Next Thursday, October 31st, Hanapin will be hosting a Live Landing Page Clinic and we’re looking for volunteers. What exactly is a landing page critique? The plan is to go through a cross section of different …

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Optimizing What You Can’t See: The Lead Quality Challenge

Lead Generation. These two words have the ability to strike fear in the hearts of PPC Heroes everywhere. Leads can be as elusive as Bigfoot himself when it comes to identifying the value your client associates with each conversion.  All …

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How the Visitors Flow Report in Analytics Will Make Your Account Better

The Visitors Flow report in Google Analytics gives a great visualization of what users are doing on your site.  Since we PPC’ers are paying for our traffic, it is imperative that we have maximum clarity into their behavior.  You can …

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A Sign-Out Page Ad Worthy of Any Magazine or Print Advertising Competition

Let’s face it, while the digital advertising industry continues to grow, and while they Pay-Per-Click ad model has proven hugely successful overall, digital advertising in general is generally viewed as a creative backwater.   Digital, in other words, isn’t where …


Get the Data You Need – Custom Reports in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a resource full of actionable data. While the data is already there, you have to pull it out and put it together. Spending a lot of time sorting and clicking through Analytics is tiresome and makes you less likely to check in regularly. Custom reports give you the ability to do all of that so much faster.


Create a Content Experiment in 4 Easy Steps

Conversion Rate Optimization is a huge key to success in any PPC campaign, and there are a lot of great tools at our disposal to make it happen. However, these platforms can be intimidating for the uninitiated, and the costs can be prohibitive. Luckily, there’s a relatively simple, free option for you to begin your CRO odyssey.

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A Great Facebook Ad Deserves an Equally Great Landing Page

I’m definitely a hotdog enthusiast, frequently having a couple for lunch. I mean, what’s not to like: they’re easy to make, taste good, and are nicely filling with a good balance of protein to carbs.   Of course, the not …