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Want to Become a PPC Hero Author?

You’re interested in writing for PPC Hero, and we’re excited to work with you! To ensure your article complies with our guidelines and is content our readers will find valuable, please read our requirements below.

About PPC Hero

As you know, PPC Hero is a PPC specific blog and we publish educational content in order to advance the digital marketing community. We are open to other topics that are correlated to PPC or digital marketing in order to have diverse content, but at our core, we deliver PPC education and resources.

Our Audience

The PPC Hero audience ranges from beginners to advanced PPC professionals and consists of freelancers, in-house managers, and other agencies.

Types of Content

The types of content we typically publish are listed below, but this is not a comprehensive list.

  • Best practices
  • How-to
  • Strategy
  • Case studies
  • Beta results
  • Research findings
  • Experience and learnings

We don’t publish:

  • Opinions without any actionable takeaways
  • Generic and vague content


Most PPC Hero topics can be classified into one of the following main categories.

  • Paid search/display
  • Paid social
  • Programmatic
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Excel/Google Sheets PPC tips and tools
  • Conversion tracking
  • Scripts
  • AI
  • Paid strategy for B2B/B2C/Ecommerce
  • Industry news


  • Written
  • YouTube video (with transcription)

General guidelines

  • Keep it casual, but educational
  • Create useful content
  • Must be original content not published elsewhere
  • Cite your references and image sources
  • Ensure you are advanced in the topic you’re writing about
  • PPC Hero is not a place for self or product promotion
  • Review specifications at PPC Hero Guest Post Guidelines
  • For submission guidance check out the PPC Hero Contributor Brief

Submitting pitch

  • Pitch 3 topic ideas with a brief summary of each.
  • Include why you think PPC Hero readers are interested in this topic.
  • Explain who you are and why you’re qualified to write about your topics. Include at least one link to a previously published article and a link to your Linkedin profile.

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