3 thoughts on “Do Mobile Preferred Ads Actually Prefer Mobile?

  1. Elizabeth Marsten

    Whoa. At the surface, makes sense- you tell Google “get me MOAR conversions!” and it does. Why should it distinguish between a mobile device or not as long as it’s getting conversions? The value of the conversion is technically the same whether it’s mobile or desktop…right? Looking forward to the further findings!

    1. EricCouch

      I can definitely understand the logic, for sure. Probably the reason they call it “mobile preferred” rather than “mobile only”. I think I was just surprised to see the extent to which it the preference was ignored. Thanks for the input, always happy to see you in a discussion! 🙂

  2. Mathew Berg

    Let’s say an advertiser wants to be in position 1 on a mobile phone device and between positions 2-3 for all other devices. Couldn’t I segment out Campaign by device by doing the following: Set up one Mobile Phone targeted campaign toggling “mobile preferred device” and set-up another Dashboard/Tablets Campaign essentially blocking mobile views for ads by doing enhanced bids at -100% for mobile. Wouldn’t this device segmenting method work as long as I DON’T utilize optimize to CPA which is blind to device types?


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