Exact Match Negative Keywords Live in adCenter

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Microsoft Advertising adCenter has been very busy lately with updates to the UI, Desktop editor and the Import Campaign beta, but it doesn’t look like they’re quite done. Late yesterday afternoon, adCenter released a post on their blog informing readers that their negative keyword management had received a face-lift in the most recent version 8.1.111 of the Desktop editor, UI and API.

So exactly (wait for it…) which changes were made and how do they affect your management? Let’s take a look!

  • Exact Match Negatives: adCenter has finally started accepting exact match negative keywords for greater precision and control over negative traffic. To implement exact match keywords in your account, drill down to the account level you wish to add negatives to, select the negative keywords column all the way to the right hand-side of the interface, scroll to the bottom where you’ll see Advanced Settings options. Expand the negative keywords section and from here you can add phrase or exact match negative keywords. Here’s what that view will look like:

adCenter exact match negative keyword addition

  • Negatives No Longer Applicable on Keyword Level: As adCenter is now offering more control with negatives by way of enabling exact match availability, the level to which you can apply negatives has shifted a little. Previously you could attribute phrase match negatives on the keyword level to limit traffic to an individual keyword only. With the update, you’ll have to migrate your negatives up at least one level, from the keyword level to ad group level. This is a simple move and can be completed using the Negative Keyword Migration Wizard in the Desktop editor or via a copy/paste of the negative keyword list from the keyword level to an Excel spreadsheet, which you can then re-upload on the ad group or campaign level.

Tell us what you think! Have you started using the exact match negatives in your accounts already? Seeing any change in traffic or metrics? What about migrating your negatives from the keyword level? Anyone having trouble or great success they want to share? Post your thoughts, ideas and experiences in the comments section below!

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Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more news updates from PPC Hero!

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4 thoughts on “Exact Match Negative Keywords Live in adCenter

    1. Kayla KurtzKayla Stockert

      Hey, Jason!

      I think that the lack of exact match negative availability in the adCenter platform has definitely caused an issue because as managers, we’ve grown to ignore the pangs of not having them and we’ve moved on.

      Hopefully now that they ARE available, more PPC managers will step back and review their negatives strategy in Bing!

      Thanks for reading and for your comment! Make sure you check back often for more updates like this one or for a review of performance in accounts due to this change.

  1. Alex Edlund

    Only a few years behind, Microsoft! I’m really happy about this update because I get the feeling that Microsoft is finally understanding that in order to have a competitive advertising platform, they need to listen to the customers.

    Now, if only we could enable “rotating ads evenly” again.

    1. Kayla KurtzKayla Stockert

      Good point, Alex! Microsoft is very quick to tout their advertiser’s forum where they pull update ideas from, but certain, very “common-sense” additions, have taken much longer than expected to migrate in to the adCenter platform.

      Perhaps throw in a couple votes for even ad rotation in the forum? 🙂

      Thanks for your comment and for reading, Alex!


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