Fully Utilize All AdWords' Ad Extensions In Just 5 Days!

By Kayla Kurtz | @one800kayla | Senior Digital Advisor at Hanapin Marketing

Once upon a time, when ad extensions were first gaining popularity, PPC Hero posted a blog covering the basics of each. You may remember that ad extensions are predominantly used as a tool to increase CTR and that could lead to an increase in Quality Score, which makes them incredibly important to PPC account success. As the PPC industry has transformed in the last year, we’ve seen some updates, changes and additions to those ad extensions, so what better way to explain how things have changed than a good ‘ol PPC Hero series?!

PPC Hero Loves CTR

This coming week, some of my fellow PPC Hero’s and I will be posting daily with in-depth analyses of all 5 of the current ad extensions available via Google AdWords. We’ll not only show you how to access and implement each of these ad extensions, we’ll also explain how we’ve used them for our own clients and explore the effects they’ve had on account performance!

Here’s a quick look at what days we’ll cover each extension. Make sure you check back every day next week so you can implement all these extensions in your own accounts quickly and start improving performance immediately!

Monday: Sitelinks Extensions – Felicia

Tuesday: Call Extensions – Abby

Wednesday: Product Extensions – Sarah

Thursday: Location Extensions – Kayla

Friday: Social Extensions – Dave & Series Wrap-Up

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