6 thoughts on “How-To for Google Display Conversion Optimizer Setting

  1. Ashley Emery

    Regarding your point in the first paragraph;

    “still not happy about the disappearance of all of the reports on the reports tab”

    Do you not find reporting easier to manage in the ‘Dimensions’ tab? I’m sort of in love with it!


    1. ErinErin Post author

      Thanks for the comment Ashley. While there are some great features with the dimensions and other tabs, I do miss some some of the old functions that were part of the reporting section. For instance, the old keyword/placement report would include your managed placements so you could make adjustments on all at one time. There were a few other features that I miss as well. I have found work arounds, but sometimes I just wish I could go back to the old way!

  2. random guest

    Thanks for the post!

    I couldn’t make it bring the same amount of conversions and got a much lower quality of conversions (leads in that particular case).
    Have you happen to try it on products with high CPA’s (50$ and up)?

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  4. PPCMoney

    don’t you need a certain amount of conversions to select conversion optimizer (was 30, now 15 I think). How can you just start a campaign on DCO?

    1. PPC Hero AllyPPC Hero

      The rules for DCO have changed in the past two years. We’re planning on doing an update to this article shortly, so stay tuned for a refresher on the DCO.

      Thanks for reading!


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