How To Get a Place Page in Google and Why It’s Essential for all Businesses

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So you may have heard about this new thing called, ‘Google Place Pages’.  It’s a recent launch from Google basically giving users detailed information about any place in the world with an unique, individual page within Google Maps The detailed information includes any place such as businesses, attractions, cities, neighborhoods, and much more.

To access these place pages in Google Maps simply click on the, ‘more info’ link on the listing. This will bring up that business, attraction, city, etc. place page with information like:  street address, pictures, reviews, business info, accreditations, videos, related web pages and even user content.

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Sponsored links also show up on the right hand side of the Google Place Pages.  In order to get a Google Place Page you have to have a Google local business ad. A Google local business ad allows you to create your company profile within Google maps so that correct information like your business address and contact information and logo is displayed when someone is looking for your business.  It’s pretty simple to fill out a Google local business ad; you simply create a Google account associated with your business, and go to to sign up for an account. Here you can simply fill in your business information including street address, phone number, hours of operation, a description about your business, etc.

What’s even cooler about Place Pages is that each place will have its own special URL that will be easy to remember and link to.  For example, Google says the San Francisco Place Page will be found at  This isn’t working for each Place Page right now as Google is still working on developing this friendly URL structure for everyone.

More and more users today are basing their purchasing decisions based off unbiased reviews in which Google Place Pages provides quite nicely.  If you’re operating a local business and don’t have a Google local business ad running you need to get one ASAP.  Once you have your own Place Page you can encourage people to go and write reviews.  It’s a great way for anyone to access more information about a ‘place’, see pictures, read reviews and see more user content. If the information given on these Place Pages don’t allow you to make an informed decision about whether to utilize a business or not I’m not sure what will!

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  • AtlantaRealEstate

    Very cool Amber. One more thing to hit at Google webmaster tools. I already have the local busines ad so completing this sounds pretty easy.

    Off to it,


  • Maskil

    Thanks, I found this to be very useful when setting up my local business ad.

  • Royal Packers and Movers

    This article is fine, but can u give me some information in brief that how i can promote my business in local listing please………….:)

    • AtlantaRealEstate says:

      I’m getting a couple hunded impressions a month from my Google Places.

  • Packers and Movers Mumbai

    That is fine but i want to know how!

  • Avis

    I want to ask – Is G places paid… I just get kicked off the organic SERP by this new places. And if I register G maps, G places will I show again their – on first page 😕

  • Home Interior Designer Mumbai

    That’s true but you have to optimize in standard level then it will come on first page in serps.

  • Tameside Computers

    Good article and definatley worth having your business on google places, it seems now that google promote the companies that have a google place page so off i go to get mine.

  • Discos Mobile

    Thanks for the info i was wondering my i had dropped rankings due to them showing all these place pages :)

  • Bob traina

    why isn’t my place page visable? Pavers By design in California bay area

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  • Glob123

    Conserning the last phrase in the article:

     “If the information given on these Place Pages don’t allow you to make an
    informed decision about whether to utilize a business or not I’m not
    sure what will”

    My personal opinion is that many people judje by the look of the actual web sites of the business owners (or at least for me it metters). You cannot expect a good service from somebody that only relies on free basic services. And the comments may be easely cheating as well – published by frients or by the owners themselves.

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