Interview with Webinar Presenter- When and How to Increase PPC Budgets

Have you signed up for our January 23 webinar? If not, please take a moment to watch this interview with presenter, Jeff Allen. He discusses who should participate, what will be covered, and key takeaways! There’s still time- Register here!

Features and Benefits:

  • Discover our 3 tricks for ensuring increased revenue and profits!
  • This webinar is specific enough to be immediately actionable, yet still broad enough to apply to any account in the future
  • Learn what reports to show your clients to justify increased budget- save their time and yours!
  • Get tips for effectively selling to a client- even if you’re selling yourself
  • Get questions answered in real-time!

Join us Monday, January 23 from 3:00-4:00pm EST!
Register here!

Hanapin’s Master List of 2017 PPC Updates

In this live webinar, Hanapin experts Tanner Schroeder and Connor Regan will take a stroll down the good ol’ memory lane of 2017 and show you which updates from this last year are worth your time and effort.

What the State of PPC Report Reveals for 2018

This year we had a great turnout of responses and some mind-blowing insights to share with you. Join Hanapin's President Jeff Allen as he walks through what we found in our State of PPC Report for 2017-2018 and where the industry is going.