7 thoughts on “Making the Most of the Dimensions Tab in AdWords

  1. Bruno Giosa

    Great article Emma! I loved the Destination URL tip. I will definitely gonna run that report right now. 🙂
    There are so much cool things at the dimensions tab that sometimes you might miss important stuff.

  2. nabeel

    Hi Emma, Nice write up.

    In addition to this, how can we filter a report that explains network wise performance?


    1. Emma Welland

      I am not 100% sure what you are referring to by “network”. If you mean the Google network (e.g. search partners vs search vs display network) then the best way to see this would be to apply a segment in the campaigns tab. You can then see the data split by campaign or overall. You can see this at all levels. If you mean by network e.g. phone network then the best place to see this data is in Google

      1. nabeel

        Emma! By network I mean Search & Display network.
        Does Campaign tab allow downloading Day wise data for a particular network? Say I want to download all KPIs for display campaigns only but on Day or Hour wise?

        1. Emma Welland

          Cool, so to see this data…
          Apply the network segment in the campaigns tab. Then “download report” and “add segment” – you can add other segments such as time of day, or day of week here.

  3. speakturtle

    Hi Emma, so reach and frequency are not actual numbers but only an estimation based on a sample of one’s campaign audience?

    If I understood that correctly, it seems important to make people (specifically clients) aware of this. Just last week, a case was made for GDN contributing to search volume since conversions are highest at 8+ frequency.

    But if it’s only an estimate then that fact is less convincing!

    Would love to hear your thoughts on the same


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