8 thoughts on “The Beginner’s Checklist of What To Do in the First Month of Your AdWords Optimization: Part 1

  1. Jerry

    Excellent point for beginner “If Adwords account shows an expense equal to or in excess of your adwords budget, then it’s time to lower your bids”. I have come across my daily budget finishes during the day rather then lasting til midnight even thou selected standard ( Delivery method) and Optimize for clicks (Ad rotation). Isn’t it advisable to lower bids in this case also.

    1. Andrew Lolk

      Hi Jerry,

      Unless you’re in a niche, where you don’t gain anything by being in the lower ad positions, then you should rarely use the standard delivery method.

      If you’re consistently reaching your budget limit then you should lower your bids. Start with the keywords that show the lowest conversions first.

      Kind regards,

  2. AlexanderHoll

    Very good article for adwords starters. Thanks for the do not start adwords onfriday recommendation, which i did not think of.

  3. akshat singh

    hi Andrew, thanks giving me this information this would really help, however i am looking to start the PPC by my own, please guide me about some information how to choose keywords and what are the most critical thing i should keep in mind, please mail me as akshat@uinvinc.com

  4. Chad Stewart

    Don’t you feel that it’s important to monitor the relationship between your CPC, average position and quality score? I’ve found tremendous benefit from running weekly reports for my clients where I tweak maximum bids based on the average positioning and fluctuating quality scores.

    I’ve often found that the old myth about only the first two-three positions receiving all of the clicks is not true. As long as your QS is good, you can lower bids and even sacrifice position without seeing any drop-off in the KPIs you discuss.

    Maybe what I’m talking about is a technique beginners should hold off on, but I have seen this work in new accounts when they are launched. Either way, thanks for posting!


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