Ticker Tuesday: Bidding Strategies Part 2

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Google AdWords has many bidding tools to help with your bidding, but it’s important to know your end goals before you choose which method to use. If you’re looking for raised traffic and clicks, CPC (cost per click) bidding, Google’s default setting, will work the best. If you want to increase your ad visibility, however, the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) bidding can help, especially if you are trying to improve your branding. Google’s enhanced CPC is a good tool for gaining conversions, but if you’re worried about attaining a specific CPL, then the conversion optimizer is the better tool to use. Finally, Google also has automatic bidding, which is good for bdiding when you have found proven metrics which work for your account, but if you use this feature, make sure that you check it often. But before you begin bidding, it is also important to consider whether it’s your bids that are in trouble, or some other element in your account. A high CPL could mean that your landing pages are not performing well, while an expensive bid could mean that your quality score is suffering. It’s important in bidding that you really know your account, so that you can be prepared to make such evaluations.