Ticker Tuesday: Understanding adCenter’s Quality Score

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Microsoft adCenter’s Quality Score assigned as numerical score and a representation to your PPC keywords, helping you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your PPC account.  In this episode of Ticker Tuesday, we discuss how adCenter’s Quality Score works, and how it differs from Google AdWords’s Quality Score…all in 60 seconds!



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6 thoughts on “Ticker Tuesday: Understanding adCenter’s Quality Score

  1. Anonymous

    Very useful, thanks. Having a few issues with their quality score at the min and waiting for our account manager to get back to us. Consistently we’re getting “Good” on keyword relevance (yay!), “no problem” on landing page experience but “poor” on landing page *relevance*. It’s really confusing us as we can’t figure out why. Keyword is in ad text, landing page is targeted to the keyword as you normally would etc… argh! It doesn’t make any sense. The only time we seem to be getting “no problem” for landing page relevance is when using exact match. It does not like us using phrase or broad. Slightly confused..

    Have you experienced this? 

    1. Jessica RooneyAnonymous

      You’re absolutely right: the landing page relevance score IS all about the keyword to landing page relationship!  If you’ve focused your content around your high quality keywords, and made sure that your landing page is directly related to your ad’s message, it usually works out okay. The problem with the broad/phrase keywords may be because they just get so much more traffic than exact matches, and so that may lead to users looking for a wider range of experiences, and not the exact one offered by your landing page.  So, if you’re selling ski jackets, you may still be getting clicks for Columbia ski jackets and jackets (general), and so adCenter is punishing the landing page for not being specific, even though it’s all categorically related.  My advice would be to make sure your ad groups that lead to the landing pages have groups of keywords that have a similar amount of impressions: that way if you’re getting 100 clicks for [Ski Jackets], the 1000 clicks you may get for Ski Jackets won’t sink your landing page. Also, I would be careful to make sure that your ad copy relates the same part of the buying cycle that your landing page targets, and that the user really knows what to expect from your landing page, even before clicking. 

      Other than that, have you changed your keywords lately?  AdCenter bases its quality score on a rolling 30-90 day window, and so if the keywords used to have not that great of quality scores, it may still be affecting it!

      1. Anonymous

        Great reply, thanks Jessica. The match type is definitely a factor here so I think we need to play around with our ad groups and put them in a similar structure to the one you described.

        One think we also noticed is that we get poor landing page relevance scores if we have [jackets ski] whereas [ski jackets] gets a great score. We figured that reversing the keyword phrase catches a few extra clicks but looks like adcenter doesn’t particularly like that so maybe it’s something we’ll only do on those occasions where the keywords in question make perfect sense both ways around.

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