7 thoughts on “What Makes A Great PPC Bidding Strategy?

  1. Duke Tanson

    Great post Sam. As always, there isn’t a fit for all bit strategy for any client due to changes in competition etc, that affects some or all of their product categories. I use DoubleClick bid strategy (similar to flexible bid strategy) for my clients and it usually works best for lead gen campaigns.

    1. Sam OwenSam Owen

      I’ve never used DoubleClick personally – how do the bid rules work there? Definitely agree that the types of a bid strategy that work for part of a client’s account don’t necessarily work elsewhere though. Thanks for reading!

  2. Felix Brown

    Very nice topic and some awesome tips.
    Maybe someone can create an info graphic based on all the bidding advice given

  3. Akash Agarwal

    stands for pay-per-click, a
    model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a charge each time one of
    their ads is clicked. Thanks for sharing this great ppc bidding strategy.

  4. Rina Ashton

    I’ve spoken with a lot of PPC companies, but the most important thing that
    you can actually do to your marketing campaign is landing pages. Try out
    this company results driven, call them at 888-641-5026. They are by far the
    best marketing company to go with since they not only create solid ppc
    campaigns for you, but they also do landing pages, CRO and remarketing
    which are all 100% necessary elements of a successful online marketing
    campaign. Most companies sell you 1 single thing such as CRO, or just PPC,
    or just popups, etc. This is completely ludicrous because while 1 thing may
    make a difference in a stable marketing campaign, there is no single
    element that is a make or break element in online marketing, you need the
    entire package, and then hone/optimize from there.


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