4 World-Class Hero Conf London Keynotes

By Nate Hollander | @HeroConf | Director of Events at Hanapin Marketing

There are just 11 days remaining until PPC Heroes far and wide meet for London’s Only All-PPC Event. From 24-26 October, nearly 300 of our closest friends will join us at etc.venues St Paul’s for 40 brand new paid search sessions, 10 unique networking opportunities and 1 incredible experience.

We’ll also have 4 incredible keynote sessions from industry luminaries and major PPC players. You’ll get inspired by sessions from:

Sophie Newton, Director at Brainlabs

The Future of AdWords is Automated
The AdWords system has evolved so quickly that what used to be a simple exercise of choosing some keywords and setting some bids is now anything but simple. In a basic AdWords account with 10,000 keywords there are a trillion different data points every single day. At the same time, programmatic is overtaking traditional media buying for display and even for TV and forcing marketers to think in a much more tech-driven way. Online advertising is becoming increasing complex – we all agree that automation is not optional. Sophie believes the future digital marketer will need to understand a vast array of technical tools in order to navigate this automated world or they’ll be left behind.

John Diorio, Group Product Manager for AdWords Reporting & Insights at Google

Fireside Chat with Google

Join Hanapin Marketing President Jeff Allen as he sits down to John Diorio to discuss the future of advertising with Google. This unique and intimate session will dive deep into the changes you can expect from AdWords over the next 6 months. Discover the secrets behind the dizzying array of new features and rollouts. This is a session the everyday PPC account manager simply can’t afford to miss.

Frederick Vallaeys, CEO at Optmyzr

Inside the AdWords Black Box with an Ex-Googler

With a dizzying array of features available in AdWords, which ones are really worth your time and effort? To answer that question, it might be helpful to understand how Google thinks. So Google’s former AdWords Evangelist will take you inside the black box and teach you how to think like a Googler.

You’ll come away with a better understanding of when to adopt new features, how to manage your bids better, how to improve Quality Score, how to properly count conversions, how to write the perfect Expanded Text Ad, and what else to expect from AdWords in the next year.

Tor Thompson, EMEA Regional Director at Bing

Characterising Search: Building Character with Bing Ads

Character. It is the quintessential trait that distinguishes an individual from the crowd. As the challenger brand in search, Bing has to walk a fine line between offering feature parity with Google and differentiating its advertising platform. In short it needs to add character. Join Tor Thompson to explore how Bing has been developing its character with subtle nuances, a blend of new experiences and touches of flare to make it stand out in the search arena

Don’t miss out on these and 40 other all-new, all-PPC sessions at Hero Conf London. Act now to grab one of our final seats!


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