(punchline to follow an amazing 3 days at Hero Conf, April 28-30 in Austin, TX)

Hero Conf entertainment is planned to be one-of-a-kind, quirky and fun – just like us! We’re going all out on Monday night, with The Bar Takeover Powered by Bing at the Market in downtown Austin.

How many people can you fit in a photo booth? Without spilling any drinks? Can you strike out in Skee Ball? If someone takes a kill shot at the ping pong table, is it acceptable to hurl your paddle at it? Exactly how much madness can one bar takeover contain?

We’re bringing together everything you love about PPC conferences: An open bar, networking with PPC experts and the chance to work off some pent-up energy. We’d like your help in answering some of our questions, including “Is it possible to let your competitive nature run wild, and still be professional? Even if giveaways are involved?” You don’t wanna’ miss this.

The Bar Takeover Powered by Bing at the Market is only a small portion of the many exciting entertainment options. Explore them all!

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