There’s so much talk in the PPC world about Google, Yahoo!, MSN etc. But what about Shopzilla, Bizrate and Price Grabber? These are just three shopping comparison sites among the many out there.

Advertising on one of these sites, preferably as you will see below, technically is pay-per-click, because you are paying per click. I’ve given seven reasons why one should advertise with below. My main point after all seven points: it will increase traffic and ROI IF you have good products and good customer service.

1. 2 For the Price of One: With, you’re advertising on and You’re getting two websites for the price of one.

2. Entire Product Listing: With a feed, you can literally upload all of your products in one simple step. Some people choose to do this manually, which could take forever. (The feed should pull all of the products on your site along with their price, description, sku or model number, etc.) The feed should be exported out of your product management tool, or the system you use to enter products on your site.

3. Comparison Shopping: allows customers to compare your product prices, shipping costs and taxes with those of your competitors. So if you have a special promotion going on like free shipping, your ad will stand out and catch customers’ attention more so than someone without an offer.

4. Free Customer Survey: Customers who have purchased from your site are given the option to rate your store in four different areas.

a. Overall Experience Rating
b. Would Shop Here Again
c. On Time Delivery
d. Customer Support

In addition to the 4 areas above they are given the option to leave a comment about their experience. This can be great for retailers who have a great product and service. Customers tend to rely heavily on product reviews when making a decision to purchase. These ratings are not visible until your ad is clicked on however.

5. Overall Store Rating: Once the customer rates your store according to the 4 areas mentioned above, your store is given an overall rating of, ‘Positive, Neutral or Negative’. These areas are shown on your ad when a search is performed in comparison to all the other ads. This rating system will help users feel more comfortable purchasing on your site if rated positively.

6. Circle of Excellence: awards stores with continual positive ratings. Based on these categories: Ease of Finding What You Are Looking For, On-Time Delivery, Overall Satisfaction, Selection of Products, Customer Support, Product Met Expectations and Repurchase Intent, stores have the opportunity to win the ‘Circle of Excellence Award’ which is displayed on your ad once the customer has clicked on it, bolstering their confidence in a possible purchase.

7. Customer Certified: Once you have 20 or more reviews and maintain a consistent positive rating, you become customer certified. Customer certified just tells the customer who is looking to purchase that your store has consistently performed well over time.

With all of these factors put together, and could drive a lot of traffic to your site.