PPC Heroes, Hero Conf 2015 is only 3.5 weeks away. Have you seen the incredible agenda? As we’ve put the finishing touches on the conference schedule, our staff has been raving about some sessions they’re really excited to see.

Although we know all the content will be world-class, here are 8 sessions we’re really pumped to see:

1. Building Revenue Generating Social PPC – In-house and Agency

With Elizabeth Marsten and Heather Cooan

Building and running a paid social practice whether that’s for a client or for your company can be challenging. From choosing platforms, to budgets, to reporting and attribution and even execution, there are a lot of bases to cover and questions to answer and be asked. Check out this tandem presentation and interactive conversation on all these topics to learn tips and tricks to drive your own social campaigns while exploring case studies, successes and failures to help prove the value of an integrated social plan.

2. From Target CPA to Maximizing Clicks: Effectively Using Google Bid Management Tools

With Bryan Minor and Elizabeth Laird

There are so many moving parts with managing a paid search program and new features and betas are constantly rolling out. Smart bid management is essential when running a successful program, but can be time consuming and costly. Discover free Google tools that can produce great results.

3. Future As We Know It: Refrigerators that Text, Conversational Search & Predictive Marketing

With John Gagnon

People who predicted the technology of our future got a lot wrong (where’s my flying car?) but their wild thinking wasn’t far off. The reality of today and tomorrow is simultaneously unbelievable and completely logical. Of course our refrigerators will be able to tell us when the milk carton is empty and send a store coupon at the same time. People will always want something and the road to the consumer is paved with search intent. As search marketers, what are the wildly logical trends you should keep an eye on?

4. Leveraging Analytics to Boost Your PPC Performance

With Ashleigh Bunn and Jamie Smith

How do we measure performance of our many PPC tactics? After all, online marketing is more than just driving the right traffic to your website – it’s also about the experience on your digital properties, getting visitors to open their wallets and complete purchases. This session will discuss the intersection of analytics and digital marketing.

5. Open Your Eyes To Advanced AdWords Scripts

With Christi Olson and Steve Hammer

Scripts now offer a number of resources to source pre-written concepts. But what if the example doesn’t exactly fit the specifics of the case? Find out where to look, and what changes can open up basic scripts. This talk will cover a powerful strategy of taking an automation concept and using tweaks to modify for custom purposes.

6. PPC In Your Hand: Search Advertising for Mobile Devices

With Aaron Levy and Scott Finholm

Mobile searches will soon account for half of PPC traffic, yet, it’s been nearly impossible for marketers to track whether mobile searches result in sales. Thus, marketers have struggled to optimize mobile search creative to maximize conversion. In this session, you will learn tactics to optimize mobile PPC ads based on new testing techniques.

7. PPC + LPO: Insider Strategies for High-Converting Landing Pages

With Lance Loveday and Oli Gardner

Great ads with bad landing pages fail. Bad ads with awesome landing pages fail. It’s entirely possible to have great ads AND great landing pages, but few campaigns do – because it requires thinking differently. Come see two of our highest rated speakers show you how to analyze, write, design, manage & optimize your PPC marketing campaigns.

8. Buy Now: Google Shopping and Bing Product Ads

With Frederick Vallaeys and John Lee

Ensuring a presence on Google Shopping and with Bing Product Ads has become paramount for online retailers. More often than not they represent the top search result, frequently trumping traditional search ads for product-related searches. Learn about the latest changes to online shopping ads and how you can optimize your campaigns.

These are just 8 of the 40 fantastic breakout sessions we’ve got slated. Check out the full schedule now to see how Hero Conf can have a dramatic impact on your PPC accounts.

Hero Conf 2015 is Nearly Sold Out!