adCenter Upgrade Now Gives Bing Marketers More Insight

By Kayla Kurtz | @one800kayla | Senior Digital Advisor at Hanapin Marketing

As is with most things, as soon as we fix one problem there is another waiting to take its place. The PPC industry is not immune to this sentiment and accordingly, no rest for the weary! On top of all the changes Bing announced and finalized last week, they’ve continued to upgrade their interface with new features this week, as well.

  • New Columns in Campaign Grid and Search Query Performance Report

You can now view Conversions and Conversion Rate columns in the Performance Dashboard of your account homepage. You also now have the option to choose to display a Cost per Acquisition (CPA) column in the dashboard.

  • New Change Type in Change History Report

There is now a column for Negative Keywords in the Change History report so that account managers can see even deeper into the changes made in the account and analyze those changes more accurately.

Certainly there is nothing wrong with quicker and easier reporting, but have any of you noticed any bugs with the new features or is your day getting easier when it comes to managing adCenter accounts with each upgrade? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!

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