Even experts need additional training to stay ahead of the game in the fast-paced PPC industry. That’s why we offer several advanced training sessions for the more seasoned digital marketer at Hero Conf. 

Here are three sessions at Hero Conf London, October 21-22, that will catapult your paid media efforts beyond your competition.

Integrated Marketing: How to Achieve a Truly Holistic Approach Across Digital Channels

Marketers today often talk about taking an integrated approach to media, but few are achieving it. Siloed departments, fragmented platforms and an over reliance on historical planning methods are just a few of the problems facing brands and agencies trying to connect with consumers. This session is designed to help you break through those siloes and use an audience-led approach to run more effective, efficient digital campaigns.

Attendees will leave with:

  • An understanding of the tools at their disposal to make better decisions about where to spend their budget
  • Ideas for how to connect with the user at different moments of their journey, thinking less about the traditional funnel and more about how real people are using media in their daily lives
  • Proven examples of how an audience-led approach can transform the effectiveness of brands’ digital marketing

C Where You Need to B: Balancing A Family Tree

Balancing B2C & B2B is managing a multi-brand company. Except, the multiple brands are targeting vastly different audiences. B2C & B2B should be approached differently in regards to their branding. It is important to consult each division to understand how they want varying audiences to perceive their product or service lines. With a consultative approach, balance will be achieved among a business family tree. Being intentional about the segmentation and overlap for B2C & B2B operations will assist in familial harmony and foster multi-business growth.

By the completion of this session, attendees will walk away with:

  • Processes to define brand differentiators
  • A thorough keyword analysis by brand segments and what searches are telling us
  • A consultative approach to defining brand segment KPIs

How To Monitor How “Smart” Your Smart Campaigns Are Using GTM, GA, And Data Studio

A downloadable DataStudio Report is available for all attendees to use. Simply Connect GA, Ads & Facebook using a connector like Supermetrics.

This presentation will show the attendees how to monitor the behaviour of the PPC algorithms – in particular Facebook & Google. This session is split into three parts:

  • How To Track The Algorithms
  • What can we learn about the algorithm’s behaviour in our PPC accounts
  • Who & What is the algorithm optimising for?

Our £450 discount will end on October 9th.

Save your seat before rates increase and get ready to become a better digital marketer with real-world advice and actionable takeaways.