This is part 3 of PPC Hero’s advertising expansion series, focusing on improving return on investment by advertising through multiple channels. Today we have a post written by one of our PPC Hero allies at 7Search, one of the first search engines to use pay-per-click sponsored links.

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Life Was Easy Back in ‘98…

For those that have been around in the Paid Search Marketing businesses since the early turn of the century, you may remember visiting GoTo, the inventor of PayPerClick (PPC), who later became Overture.  One had the ability to see who was bidding on a keyword, what the competition’s advertisement said, and what the actual bid price everyone was paying.  No guessing what one was paying or what the competition was paying.  There was an art to deciphering the competitions bidding strategy, intent of their advertisement, and discover new opportunities to exploit.  Ah, those were the days.  It’s uplifting to see that a Transparent Bid Auction still thrives at, the US’s oldest and largest privately owned PPC search engine.

Transparent Bid Auction Platform

The old idea of an Open Auction, or Bid for Placement has been the platform of choice by since 1999, before Google and Yahoo.  The Transparent Bid Auction Platform, as demonstrated on their Keyword Suggestion Tool, allows one total control over setting the CostPerClick (CPC). openly publishes how much search traffic has been generated on keywords of interest during the previous month, what are the current top 5 bids on, and if you click on an individual keyword that has advertisers, it will display the actual ads and the bid price the advertiser is paying.  There are no artificial quality scores or bid manipulation algorithms.  7Search’s SmartBid Tool shows the top 5 bids on their top partner’s networks.  A refreshing touch to an industry that is increasingly becoming more monopolized as time goes on and less control over your CPC.

Low Cost Per Acquisitions

Bid prices start at a penny, and across their 4.5 million bided keywords, the average CPC is less than $.32 a click.  Most of the 3 Billion+ search queries 7Search receives monthly is not available at a penny per click, but there are some excellent opportunities to pick up new additional traffic over a competitor for a fraction of the cost of Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  Lower Cost Per Acquisitions means more $ on the bottom line per sale.  Brand building on high volume, top of the funnel keywords now becomes affordable at $.02 or $.03 a click and you pick up new high quality traffic sources and sales for less.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or a major brand, can add real ROI performance to your online marketing efforts.

Robert Payne is a Business Development Manager at, a leading Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising and Affiliate Network since its inception in 1999. As a Search Engine who is dedicated to value and service for online businesses, provides thousands of Web entrepreneurs with an economical and measurable opportunity to obtain Internet traffic and generate revenue through their online presence.

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