This is part 2 of PPC Hero’s advertising expansion series, focusing on improving return on investment by advertising through multiple channels. Today we have a post written by one of our PPC Hero allies at eZanga, the developer of one of the most advanced systems to detect and deter click fraud in online advertising.

ezanga PPC advertising

Whether it is a B2B or B2C company, has the online marketing product customizable to fit any business. eZanga’s pay per click network is geared to businesses who are already working  with Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and are looking for quality traffic in niche markets. We are a great supplementary source to your online presence and visibility needs. Backed by 17 years of search marketing experience, eZanga’s personal account managers advise and assist customers with campaign management.


eZanga’s search engine network has the ability to aggregate web sites directly from second and third tier networks. Advertising customers are given access to large volumes of traffic at one centralized location, saving them time by dealing with one source rather than several hundred networks. eZanga is able to produce an upward 10-12 billion searches per month, comparative to 15% the size of Google.

At a lower cost per click, eZanga PPC advertising implements customization tools to fit your company’s unique goals of increasing conversion and lead generation while raising brand awareness. Some of the companies that work best with eZanga PPC are: shopping portals, video, game, movie or any other content oriented site where we can bring more visitors, time to your site and conversions.


eZanga PPC offers  advanced targeting features giving advertising customer’s more control over refining audiences. Our blacklist and whitelist capabilities give businesses more restraint to optimize campaigns and fine tune return on investment more efficiently when dealing with specific categories and feeds.


eZanga’s pay per click product has recently been integrated into an advanced user friendly interface, AdPad. This redesigned UI ties together Contextual, PPC and CPV advertising products in one centralized location offering advertisers easy access and functionality across all of their advertising campaigns instead of signing into multiple portals. AdPad offers time-reduced page to page navigation, automatic updates, statistical reporting and changes in real-time, which makes campaign management easy and efficient.


Traffic Advisors 5.0 is’s in house fraud filtration system that is used to detect and deter fraudulent clicks in real time to ensure an advertiser’s budget is being distributed effectively. Traffic Advisors is able to sift through billions of searches each month to eliminate fraudulent clicks in real time. To ensure all results are correct, Traffic Advisors compares findings with a 3rd party.

To learn more about eZanga’s advertising products, please visit our website or call one of our personal account managers at 888-4-EZANGA. was founded in 2003 by husband and wife team Beth and Rich Kahn and is currently led by search engine veterans Richard Kahn and Angel Pabon as an effort to help people find information on the web faster and easier. Our innovative and proprietary technologies push the limit of Meta search technology by retrieving search results from multiple search engines, we then re-rank and display the most relevant results without duplication. We also provide online advertisers with local, regional, and national advertising focused on generating high Return on Investment (ROI).