Clutter is the bane of my existence and I’m convinced it always has been. Perhaps this is why I find myself in a career where structure and organization are so crucial to successful performance. As Account Managers, we are constantly analyzing and manipulating an incredible amount of data on a daily basis, which can make it difficult to keep track of all your keywords and metrics without precise planning. The last thing you want to be asking yourself is, “Where did I put that, again?”

Fortunately, the AdWords team launched a new organizational feature, known as Account Labels, that can help us all get a little more organized. Essentially, these labels allow you to easily filter and report on the data that is most important to your company or client. Whether you’re dealing with a new or inherited account, AdWords custom labels can be utilized in a variety of ways.

One of the cool characteristics about Account Labels is that you can customize them to suit your individual needs. If you want a ‘favorites’ label to watch the position of your top performing keywords, you can make an Account Label for that. On the other hand, if you want to easily identify your consistently underperforming keywords, you can create Account Labels for those as well. Keep in mind that these are only a few of the ways in which they can be utilized.

Another way in which Account Labels can be utilized is for the organization of similar keywords across several ad groups or campaigns. For example, if a company sells men’s pants, you could use “casual” and “formal” to separate jeans from slacks. You could also use them to compare the performance data of similar keywords that are segmented across several campaigns with different geo-targeting. Or perhaps you’ve inherited an account that isn’t structured according to your management style; you could use Account Labels to recategorize your keywords in order to make the account easier to manage, without the negative performance effects.

The main takeaway here is that there are a variety of ways to take advantage of AdWords Labels and it will be interesting to see how people begin to incorporate these into their own accounts. So, can you think of any other ways that these could benefit an account?

Feel free to leave any comments or awesome new ideas below. Thanks for reading!