If you’ve been following any of the discussions we’ve been having on PPC Hero or our webinars concerning Google’s new Enhanced Campaigns, you might have heard me saying that I was waiting for the new version of AdWords Editor before I even attempt to ‘enhance’ most of my campaigns.

Well ladies and gentlemen, that day has arrived! AdWords Editor 10.0.1 is finally here.

Adwords Editor 10

Google have given you the ability to Enhance your campaigns in bulk through campaign options.

Mobile adjustment

As you can see there is now an option to set your mobile bid percentage in the editor. Diving in a little further, it also removes the option to let me choose whether I want Desktop, Mobile or Tablets to be turned off once I enhance my campaign (notice the choices are grayed out).

No Device Choice

When you go into you location targeting, you should find the option to adjust your bid.

Location Adjustment

…And this is how it looks once you’ve set up your preferences. Pretty straightforward truth be told, particularly if I want to go ahead and copy/paste this across multiple campaigns.

Location Bid

There is also the option to set your ads to mobile preferred when you select any ad. This means I can effectively take all the ads from my old ‘ – Mobile’ campaigns, bulk change them to mobile preferred, and then cut and paste them into my new Enhanced campaign.

Device Preference 2

Once all set up, you should hopefully see something like this to distinguish which ads are mobile or not. The great thing here is that you can quickly change all the URLs for these ads to your mobile site simply by doing a quick sort or filter.

Ad Device Preference

Finally, it looks like there is also now an option to set custom bids in Display Campaigns depending on the targeting option. You can set up separate bids depending on the type of display targeting you are doing:

Display Network Bidding

It doesn’t look like enhanced ad extensions such as the new Sitelinks have been implemented into Editor yet from what I can see, but hopefully that will come with the next update. Also we’ve found a couple of bugs already with things like not being able to request ad exceptions, so we’ll be keeping an eye on the next couple of releases.

Let us know if you have any comments on the new Editor in the comments below!

Below are Google’s release notes for version 10, which can be found here:


Version 10.0

Enhanced campaigns

AdWords Editor 10.0 supports enhanced campaigns, a new AdWords campaign type.

For more details about the the features below, visit the AdWords Editor enhanced campaign guide.

  • Upgrade campaigns to enhanced, either individually or in bulk.
  • Specify a mobile bid adjustment for each enhanced campaign, to be applied when ads in the campaign are served on mobile devices.
  • Specify a bid adjustment for targeted locations, to be applied when serving ads to users in those locations.
  • Specify device preferences for individual ads (Mobile or All). If both mobile-preferred and regular ads are present in an ad group, only mobile-preferred ads serve on mobile, and only regular ads serve on desktop and tablet (available for text, dynamic search, image, and display ads).

Display Network custom bid type

This new ad group-level setting lets you choose which type of bid (keywords, placements, topics, interests and remarketing, gender, or age) to use on the Display Network. Learn more about Display Network settings.