Our next Hero Conf 2012 speaker transcript is from Marc Poirier, where he talks about agency evolution. Don’t forget we will be posting our transcripts from last year periodically through out the coming months. Feel free to reminisce or check out what you missed!

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Marc: Thank you very much. All right. So yeah, thanks for that warm welcome. Just a brief overview: I’m Marc Poirier, I’m the co-founder of Acquisio. I’m an Internet marketer and I’m also a scientist, although I’ve stopped doing that. This is kind of a work in progress, but I’ve been thinking a lot about where is the agency business today, where’s it going, and it’s importance for us.

We’ve built software. We were a search agency and we had some issues. We thought it would be great if we could build some scripts and stuff to help us along, to do a better job with delivering services for our customers. Over time, that supporting job, we had two or three people helping us out building these scripts, became a new business completely. We sold the agency and focused on building tools. In the first few years, we focused on, “OK. We need to get more customers. How can we do that?” …

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