It seems lately like Microsoft adCenter is trying really hard to make improvements to its interface. This year alone it seems like they’ve had an update or two a month so far. We here at Hanapin Marketing really look forward to these changes, because generally they make our lives just a little bit easier with each update.

This past week Microsoft adCenter announced some new campaign management updates it’s made to it interface. Here is the breakdown of these new updates

Ad Delivery Status – New Filtering Options

  • With the Ad Delivery Status update, you will now have more filtering options at the campaign, ad group, and keyword level of your account. Just like in AdWords where you get to filter the account based on performance, adCenter is also offering the same options. Except that in adCenter you can’t save your filter after you created it, so you have to recreate it every time you want to view that particular information.
  • Some features that you get to filter by are: budget depletion, pending editorial review, negative keyword conflict and below first page bid.
  • This is going to be very helpful when trying to identify various fluctuations in the account such as disapproved ads or under-performing keywords.

AdCenter Filter updates

AdCenter Filter Options

Reporting Updates

  • The aim of these new updates to the reporting section of adCenter is to help those managing their accounts to better understand their impression share volume.
  • Currently, impression share data is available in campaign and ad group level reporting. With this update the following columns will be added to those reports: impression share lost due to Bid, impression share lost due to Keyword Relevance, and impression share lost due to Landing Page Relevance.
  • These new updates will allow us to make better decisions based on our findings in this report.

AdCenter Reporting Update

Negative Keyword Management on the adCenter Desktop Tool

  • There is now a “Negative” tab in the edit pane of the adCenter Desktop Tool which will make keyword edits a lot easier and faster.
  • With the new Multiple Changes options you can add or remove negative keywords in bulk.
  • You can now bulk edit negative keywords across various campaigns and ad groups by copy and paste.

To view a full list of these new updates, view the adCenter blog post here.

With every change, it seems like adCenter is getting that much close to it’s competitor, AdWords. But how long of a journey do you think adCenter has before it until it can be considered as user friendly as AdWord? Share your thoughts!