Yahoo! recently announced another new tool in their user interface that automatically gives your campaigns a ‘tune-up’ to help improve your overall performance. I just started the tune-up process for one of my campaigns today. Although I haven’t received my proposal yet from Yahoo! on my tune up, I can say it was really easy to set up, and it seems that it will provide some useful recommendations on how to improve my campaign’s performance in terms of match types and keyword bids.

What the Tune-Up Tool Does: The Yahoo! Campaign Tune-Up performs a one-time analysis of a non-optimized campaign. Based on the results, it proposes optimal bids and match types for the campaign’s sponsored search keywords, as well as a suggested campaign daily spend limit.

According to my Yahoo! rep, “You can optimize with the tune-up two ways: Business Objective Target: The optimizer tries to spend the campaign budget and reach a performance goal for the campaign (cost per click or cost per acquisition). Or Spend Efficiency: The optimizer tries to spend the campaign budget based on how advertisers value events in the sales funnel.” The Campaign tune-up only takes about 24 -48 hours to produce your proposal. At that time you can review the recommendations and either accept or decline them.

How to Set It Up:

Step 1: Select a campaign within your Yahoo! Account. You’ll see the ‘Tune-Up’ button near the middle of the page, directly above your ad groups.

tune up 1

Step 2: Read the information if you’d like, after which simply click on the ‘Tune Up Campaign’ button.


Step 3: Define Tune-Up Guidelines. Here you will be able to select a business metric for optimization: Impressions or clicks. As well as enter a monthly budget Yahoo! should take into consideration. This page will also give you that last 30 days stats for the campaign.


Final Step: The last step is where you will confirm the Tune-Up process to your account.


To know the status of your Campaign Tune-Up, if you click on the campaign you’ve requested a tune-up on, you will see a ‘Tune-Up in Progress’ above your ad groups. See image below:


Once I receive my proposal for the tune up, I can share with you the recommendations Yahoo! has suggested and how I will move forward. Stay tuned!!