Category: Highly Visible: Advanced Display Ads

How To Pitch YouTube Video Ads As A New PPC Initiative

Video advertising is an advertising platform to enter cautiously, similar to Display advertising. There is a lot of advertising space and views to be had, and the key to success will be smart targeting and good creative on top of the always-necessary solid business model....

3 Easy Steps To Success For Holiday eCommerce

This Holiday season will be all about making the biggest days work for you, and making the absolute most out of the traffic available on these days. If you screw up Cyber Monday, you'll be hard pressed to make up that lost revenue anywhere else...

Revisiting Display Targeting One Year Later

There has been so much change in the Display Network, and we know so much more now than we did a year ago. The set-up of Display targeting is way more advanced now and it's time to take a fresh look at the options.

3 Ways To Grow Your Display Efforts

Display networks (including Google's and others out there) offer some great opportunities for expansion in your accounts.  Utilize what's already available and stay at the cutting edge to make the most of your opportunities.

Spring Clean Your Display Campaigns

Many accounts are focused on Search, because it normally performs better than Display. This is especially true for eCommerce and most direct response accounts. That sometimes leads to Display Network campaigns being a hot mess.


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