At Hero Conf, we strive to provide content that is actionable for PPC roles across the board, however for some, priceless value is found in the conversations held outside the meeting room. Networking and peer outreach is vital in an era of sharing. We share our cars through Uber, our homes through Airbnb, our support through GoFundMe, and inevitably our knowledge through peer-to-peer learning and conferences like Hero Conf.

Networking provides an abundance of industry advice and can allow you to learn from others’ successes and failures. It opens doors to new partnerships and opportunities and can lead to friendships beyond business. It’s not every day you meet someone equally as passionate about conversion rates and device targeting as yourself, so at Hero Conf, we seek to provide you that platform.

Take a peek into the dedicated time we’ve built into the Hero Conf experience that will land you on the inside track of networking:

  • Welcome Reception: Being a first-timer or party-of -one can be an intimidating way to kick off two and a half days of learning. That’s why upon arrival into London we invite you to say hello to the Hero Conf network at an unofficial gathering of PPC’ers, old and new. Keep an eye out as we release the specifics!
  • 4 Exhibitor Breaks: We’ve designed these 4, 30 minute breaks around the idea that twice a day, you simply need more time. Time to begin partnerships with our exhibitors, time to continue a previous discussion or time to set onsite meetings with industry colleagues.
  • Networking Drink Receptions: Each day’s final keynote ends with a reception to follow! Recap the day’s highlights while rubbing elbows with your favorite speakers and fellow attendees…and not to mention a drink on us!
  • After-Hours Activities: Just because the sessions have ended, doesn’t mean the fun stops too. Stay tuned as we rollout our plans to take over unique London venues for hours of fellowship, even after the sun goes down.
  • And all the meals in between: Breakfast, lunch & snack breaks all feature local London flare and open seating. Take the time to meet some new PPC pros and expand your community.

Make connections that matter at Hero Conf London, 23-25 October. We look forward to seeing you there!