As digital marketers, we are often siloed into our own teams, with our own objectives. Drive clicks, serve impressions, highly target customers, drive attributable conversions. We have been left out of the conversation for the traditional buys, the print, the billboards, the radio, AND TV. 

However, the industry continues to evolve, so does the customer, their habits, and our ability to blend the skills and data from digital teams, with the creative and “big picture” strategy of the media buyers. 

So, how do you make the case, to capture more of that “TV Money” 

Digital & Traditional: An unlikely pair

Connected TV provides advertisers with the ability to utilize the impact of TV with the detailed targeting of digital. Advertisers can utilize all the same types of targeting that they are used to within their display campaigns such as remarketing, behavioral, lookalikes and even sequential ad serving across devices. 

Not only can you target in the same way as normal digital campaigns, but you can also report, and measure impact by channel, giving much greater insight that traditional TV models can provide. 

Target the second screen: 

An estimated 71% of adults are regularly using a second screen while consuming content, whether it is their smartphone, laptop or tablet. That is a staggering number. So how do we make the most of this stat?

Easy…. Utilize the ad exposure data to ensure that we can see the true impact of brand awareness tactics in a multi-channel world. An example of this would be to run a connected tv campaign where the goal is awareness amongst a key demographic, and then sequentially serve them varying display and video ads across devices based. To truly A/B  test, segment those exposed to a CTV ad vs not served an ad and highlight the overall performance differences. 

Real-Time Advertising, Real-Time Budgets:

Under the traditional model, Advertisers will typically need to commit to a certain budget, for certain flight ranges, at a certain rate. There is no pivoting strategy if it does not appear to be working. 

Connected TV, with the ability to track the impact it is having, it’s birth within the RTB and PMP marketplace, allows for testing, measurement, and flexibility. This leaves you in greater control of your marketing dollars, and over time, improve the total ROI of all your marketing initiatives. 

Closing Thoughts: 

Advertising is coming full circle again. Brands realize that search and social are no longer silver bullets that will drive high volumes of sales at a low cost. Branding, funnel building and prospect nurturing are essential in a modern marketing team. Connected TV provides a bridge for the old and the new, to get the right message, to the right person, using modern targeting capabilities on a traditional medium.