Darts, Drinks, and PPC Fun - Live from London

By Nate Hollander | @HeroConf | Director of Events at Hanapin Marketing

By now, you know that Hero Conf London is your place for the most actionable, relevant, and inclusive PPC content. We promise 41 of the top experts, 23-25 October, live from The Brewery.

But, what about the extras? Well, no need to worry.

We’re excited to announce that the Bar Takeover returns for year 3, at Flight Club Shoreditch. After last year’s epic karaoke night, we’re looking to turn it up another notch, with unique networking experiences designed to help you connect with other PPC pros. Flight Club is social darts, bespoke cocktails, and inviting spaces, and we’re excited to share it with you!

Beyond the Bar Takeover, you can expect incredible food, unique SWAG, and exceptional service. We’re sparing no details in ensuring this is the best conference experience you’ve ever had.

Hero Conf London 2016

But opportunities are extremely limited. Hero Conf London is nearly sold out. And we’d love to have you along for the ride.

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