Since the implementation of the Google AdWords quality score, pay-per-click advertisers across the world have changed the way they manage their PPC campaigns. On one side, I think advertisers believe in the Quality Score and feel it does truly help the relevancy of PPC advertisements. On the other side, there seems to be a lot of myths, misunderstandings, and straight up confusion about the Google Quality score, how it works, and how you can use it to help your PPC account.We have written on the Google quality score in the past and received a great response.

This time around we are taking a deeper approach to figuring out the quality score and how you can use it to your advantage. Over the next five days the SEM team here at PPC Hero will be giving you an in depth analysis of the Google quality score. This is not an introductory post about the quality score, but rather a “dissection” of the many different aspects of it.

Monday: What Makes Google AdWords Tick? 2 Quality Score Formulas You Need to Know: Minimum Bids and Ad Position

Tuesday: What Makes Google AdWords Tick? 2 More Quality Score Formulas You Need to Know: Keyword Targeted Content Ads and Placement Targeted Ads

Wednesday: How to Determine if Your Landing Page is Hurting Your AdWords Qualty Score

Thursday: Top Google AdWords Quality Score Misconceptions

Friday: Avoid the AdWords Quality Score Slap: How to Make Common Changes to Your Account Without Damaging Your Quality Score.

We hope you enjoy reading our “dissection” of the quality score and encourage you to comment, make suggestions, recommendations, corrections or anything you feel you need to say about the quality score, please do so!