Site-targeting is a fairly new feature for Google. A keyword-targeted campaign will allow your keywords to show up on the content match with no knowledge of which site your ads are actually being shown; site-targeted campaigns allow you to specifically select which websites you want your ads to be displayed.

There are different ways to select which websites you want your ads to be placed on. You can browse different categories, describe the topics to Google and they’ll find them for you. Manually list specific URL’s or select your demographic and google will list the most relevant websites according to your specified demographic.

I’ve tried to describe my topic and manually enter URL’s that I think would be relevant to my ads, but so far all I’ve seen is a lot of impressions, with no clicks. I did however stumble upon a local television station that sponsored Google ads. Local tv or radio station websites although not very targeted, do get a lot of local traffic. This is especially good if you’re advertising for a local company.

But again, so far I’ve received many impressions, but no clicks. Has anyone out there set up a successful site-targeted campaign?