With all of the fervor of the political climate today, PPC Hero has gotten caught in the excitement and announced his candidacy for President!

Sure, maybe he announced his campaign a little late… on election day! But friends, he’s confident of a big win in the polls. And not only is PPC Hero running for President, but SEO Boy is his running mate, and they created their own political party! It’s been a busy morning at PPC Hero headquarters!

Yes, today is the birth of the 4th party: the ROI Party. The ROI Party holds dear to its heart, conversions, revenue, click-through rate, bounce rate, and everything else that makes PPC and America great.

PPC Hero was going to announce his candidacy during his James Lipton interview, but he wanted it to be a surprise… surprise!

PPC Hero promises to make life better for all PPC advertisers. Listen, even Joe the Plumber will benefit from PPC Hero’s policies. If PPC Hero is elected, Joe will see more service calls and emails come through his website. That is the real the cure for what ails our economy.

You may say, “But PPC Hero isn’t on the ballot in my state!” Don’t worry… it’s not just your state. He’s not on the ballot in any state! This means you have to write him in as your vote! It’s just that easy.

If you believe in truth, justice, the American way, and unbelievable ROI… vote PPC Hero for President! Let’s make a difference!

For those of you who missed it, PPC Hero held his own national convention for the ROI Party this morning where he accepted the nomination that he proposed to himself. Here is a quick snapshot of this momentous occasion!