Here at PPC Hero, we are focused on generating leads and traffic for our clients while continuing to improve return on investment. A major part of our strategy includes Google AdWords, as I’m sure is the case for most advertisers, and our blog posts tend to reflect that. In the last few months over 70% of our posts have been Google-related. Now as a PPC manager I would never say Google isn’t a valuable part of a PPC strategy because they are the industry leader and well, they’re also probably listening, but there are many other advertising networks out there that can bring in quality clicks and conversions at lower costs.

This is why this week we are running out Advertising Expansion series to introduce or remind all of you of additional ways to grow your PPC accounts.  You may have heard of these advertising networks referred to as second or third tier search engines, but these terms can be deceiving for two reasons. First, it makes it seem like traffic from these sites is of a lower quality which is not the case. These advertisers can generate many quality leads at a cheaper cost. Second, many of these advertisers are not search engines at all. They may show ads in search results but a lot of these sites have contextual networks where ads gather most of their impressions. So this is why I like to refer to this group of sites as alternative advertising networks. These alternative advertising networks supplement Google to drive more quality traffic and leads to your site.

We here at PPC Hero run ads on many of these alternative advertising networks. Check out the graph below of one of our accounts recent monthly performance:

PPC Search Engine Comparison

Although these other ad networks don’t drive as much traffic as Google, they all bring in leads for a much lower cost per conversion which can improve ROI.

For our Advertising Expansion series we have reached out to our PPC Hero Allies at the above advertising networks to provide you with information on their services. There are three posts lined up from these advertisers and you just might find some special offers for our PPC Hero readers. We will wrap up the week with a survey to gauge your experience with using these and other advertisers.

Check out the great posts we have lined up for our series:

Tuesday: Adknowledge, the 4th largest ad marketplace.

Wednesday: eZanga, developer of one of the most advanced systems to detect and deter click fraud in online advertising.

Thursday: 7Search, one of the first search engines to use pay-per-click sponsored links.

Friday: Advertising Network Survey.