2015 is here, bringing with it the promise of new PPC features, strategies, and more. Here at PPC Hero, we’re excited to continue providing thought provoking, insightful, and relevant content. As we begin the year we’d like to reaffirm our philosophies and let you know what to expect in 2015.

PPC Hero’s Mission

Our company website says it best:

Image of Hanapin mission

With every post we aim to provide actionable takeaways that you can use in your accounts. Along with sharing the latest PPC news and how it impacts you, our posts are written based upon actual experiences, encompassing both the problem and the solution. We share these experiences because we know others are likely encountering them as well.

Above all, we want to be your go to source for everything PPC. We know there are many great blogs available to you and that your time is valuable. We truly appreciate when our articles are shared or they are referenced in communication with clients and PPC professionals.

So what are we doing in 2015 to live up to our mission?

More User Generated Content

Between reader comments, sales inquiries, and general feedback, we receive many great topic ideas. In fact, many of these ideas come to as a question and end up a blog post. One of our top posts last year, “Everything You Need To Know About PPC Ad Extensions,” was the result of many readers inquiring about the complete selection of ad extensions available to advertisers.

Another post was written right after AdWords callout extensions came out of beta. There were many questions and inquiries as to the setup and impact of callouts. Some of our accounts were lucky enough to be included in the beta so we had data and analysis to share. Thus, “How Callout Extensions Helped Increase CTR by 221%” was written.

These are just two examples of blog posts written based upon feedback. We always encourage this feedback because it tells us what’s important to you.

Content Beyond The “Standard” Post

Just like paid search, the art of blogging is constantly evolving. Both through content and the aesthetics of posts, we know that you want an engaging experience. Our posts always aim to contain a combination of these features.

  • Screenshots and images that compliment the content
  • Real data from Hanapin accounts
  • Lists to provide quick hitting items
  • Pull out quotes and key statements

We can write the most relevant and informational posts, but if they are tiresome to read it doesn’t do anyone any good.

We’ll also be adding new types of content in 2015. We started this trend in 2014 by trying new ideas, including liveblogging two Google events. On April 22rd, we followed along as Google unveiled new features and on December 10th as Google gave an end of year recap and introduction to AdWords Editor 11.

Among the types of content you should expect this year, include:

  • Interviews with industry professionals
  • A “behind the scenes” look at the Hanapin team’s day to day activities
  • More live reactions from industry events and announcements
  • In-depth guides about various PPC topics
  • To be determined ideas!

Quality Posts

At the end of the day, we pride ourselves in providing great content. In fact, writing for the blog is part of the job requirements at Hanapin. Thus, we not only have a passion for PPC, but for writing about it!

When writing posts, our authors look to answer questions before they are asked. For example, if we write about a new technique we’ll explain why we’re testing it and what the data has shown. We don’t expect you to be confident in our ideas and test in your accounts unless we are. As much as we enjoy writing, we also have a standard of quality assurance.

We also meet regularly to discuss how we can improve the blog. Whether it is a whiteboarding session or presenting Analytics findings, the blog is constantly top of mind. PPC Hero is our brand and we treat it with the utmost care.

Final Thoughts

Each new day represents a fresh PPC idea, opinion, or informational piece. We blog everyday because we strive to be the pulse of the PPC industry by both informing and educating the community. We appreciate and thank you for being loyal readers and will continue providing content that both educates and provides meaningful takeaways.