I love Facebook Ads, and I like all my clients to at least give them a try at least once.  Facebook Ads however only works for around 10-20% of our clients.  It REALLY only works for around 5% of all of our clients.  But when it works, it works really well.  In this Facebook Ads case study I will walk you through how I’m promoting Facebook Ads and sponsored posts and it’s working in the EDU space!

Our client Tareas Plus a spanish learning company came to me with an idea.  They wanted to become the largest portal for online spanish learning in the world.  My goal was to figure out how to do this for $1500.  Yes, that’s right… a total of $1500 to put them on top.  I noticed that they had a strong following on Facebook (around 15K people) that actively commented and interacted with my posts.  I also know that when you have 15K people, your friends and family that are connected should be around 300x that.  So I tried Facebook ads and sponsored posts.  Here are some of the results.

Budget: $1500 ( I spent $500/day for 3 days)

Here are my results:


As you notice from the picture above I was able to get almost 5 million impressions per day with the $500 that I was spending.  Note that I did have a very strong CTR and a clear call to action.


Here were our Google Analytics numbers, we almost hit 50K visits to our page one day then went down to 35K then trickled off.  But this got the virility of our site going.


Here is our referrals from Facebook for the month.  We ended up with over 174K visits to our site from Facebook alone.  I know that we paid $1500 for this but how many companies out there would pay $1500 for this kind of traffic to their business.  These were people that were on our site, watching our videos, and interacting with things we had put up for them.

Important things to note, we were bidding on terms on Facebook that were very related to what we were pushing.  We did get very high click through rates that helped lower click costs and maximise for huge traffic.  This was done through trending topics, which I suggest you work with.  We also worked on specific pages that we knew people on Facebook liked from previous interactions.  We went all in.

I don’t suggest you start spending $500/day unless you know what you’re doing and you’ve tested out your pages, ads, and links prior to spending large budgets but I do want to illustrate that some people are having huge success with Facebook ads and you can as well.

I write up all kinds of Facebook case studies (try and put more on PPCHero) that are very interesting, you can read them here. If you have any questions put them below and I’ll try and address all of them.

Give Facebook Ads a try if you haven’t in the past, it could mean the difference between success and failure.