Editorial note: This guest post is a finalist in our Hero Conf scholarship event. Alex Dao is a Senior Manager of Client Services at DataPop in Los Angeles, California.

Ever since Google’s Enhanced campaigns announcement, there has been an excess of views on its negative implications.  No matter what your views are on Enhanced Campaigns, this is something that will inevitably impact you sooner than later.   We’ve come up with some ways for you to best take advantage of Enhanced Campaigns.

 Ad Extensions This is one of the biggest benefits you get from upgrading to enhanced campaigns.

  1. Ad Group level extensions – This allows you to be more specific in which ad extensions you want to show for different products or services you offer.
  2. Ad extension scheduling – Schedule when you want your ad extensions to show.  i.e. if your call center is only open from 9-5, schedule click to call to run during this time.
  3. Device Ad Extension Preference – Show specific extensions for desktop v.s. mobile users.   i.e. for mobile you can have sitelinks for store locator or in-store deals
  4. Digital Downloads  – You now have the ability to include a download option for your mobile ad extensions.  i.e. if you have an app that you’d like to increase adoption, you can now have mobile users download it directly from your ad!
    Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 12.57.12 PM
  5. Offer extensions – Watch out Groupon and Living Social! You can now include offers directly in your search ad.  i.e. If you are you having a promotion or sale, you can include the offer in your ad.

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 12.56.47 PM

Consumer Context  – This is the biggest reason why Google is releasing enhanced campaigns.  With the convergence in technology and price points from various devices, consumer context becomes increasingly more important than what operating system you are searching on.

1. User Intent – What is the intent of the consumer’s search query?

  1. Looking to buy – If a consumer is looking to purchase your product, you can show them ad extensions around free shipping or include a call to action
  2. Research – If a consumer is researching your product, you can show them ad extensions for pictures, more info, or comparison pages.
  3. Price Conscious – If consumers are looking for the lowest price or best deals for a product or service, you can show them ad extensions for any offers or promotions that you may be running.

2. User Location – Is a consumer within 1 mile of your store?  If so, you can add a premium bid for that user and show them a mobile ad with your address or a store locator sitelink.

3. User Time – Is a consumer searching for you during business hours?  You can show them an ad with your address and phone number for them to contact you or visit you in person.  If they are searching outside of business hours, you can show them an ad that directs them to your website where they can purchase the product or service. 

Although there are certain pitfalls from Google’s Enhanced Campaigns (Expected CPC increase and removal of Tablet segmentation), it’s important to note that the other changes help offset it.  This allows marketers to take their expertise on their business and consumers and apply them to search marketing.  Say goodbye to focusing on what operating system consumers use and hello to focusing on your consumer’s context based on intent, time, and location.

Creative strategy and account structure will play a pivotal role in taking advantage of all these features.  If a marketer is able to formulate a strategy for every type of consumer, Enhanced Campaigns can become a very effective and powerful tool.