Find Out Where Our Readers Found Success On The Display Network!

By Bethany Bey | @Hanapin

Last month we ran a series on How to Succeed on the Display Network. Since everyone’s experiences are different, we asked our readers to provide their feedback about their experiences. We asked three questions:

  1. Which Display Network targeting options are you running in your PPC accounts?
  2. What are the top 3 Display Network targeting options where you’ve seen the most success?
  3. What is the first targeting option a PPC manager should select when beginning to advertise on the Display Network?

Below are the results of the survey. If you are new to the Display Network, or haven’t tried all of the different targeting options, check out our reader responses to see where they have found success.

Display Network SurveyDisplay Network SurveyDisplay Network SurveyMost of our readers are running Automatic placements, Managed placements and Remarketing campaigns. Fewer have tried the Interest and Topics Targeting and DCO options. If you are just starting out on the Display network, or you have a limited budget, I would recommend starting with a Contextually targeted campaign and a Remarketing campaign. I have seen the best returns with these targeting options as have our readers.

Do you agree or disagree with these results? Let us know below!

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