Last month we ran a series on alternative methods of PPC advertisement and ended the week with a survey asking for your feedback. Well the results are in and we’ve compiled all of your answers to see which alternative advertising networks have brought you the most success. Check out the results below:

PPC Advertising Networks SurveyOf all the respondents, 60% have had success on another advertising network while 21% have not. Just 18% of have never tried advertising on another network. Just two years ago 31% of PPC managers had never tried an alternative network so it seems that PPC managers are starting to expand their advertising beyond the big 3.

Second Tier Search Engines Survey

Successful Second Tier Search EnginesOf the advertising networks we listed, some people had found success on each of them. When asked to select which one was the most successful, 7Search came out on top with 36% of the vote. We also had a lot of respondents select a network other than the 8 we listed. If you’ve found success on another network please post below so we can share it with all our readers.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our survey. We enjoy getting feedback from our readers and discovering how they find success in the every changing PPC industry.