As a follow up to my preferred cost bidding blog a few weeks ago, I’m here to share my results after testing for two weeks. Although my cost-per-click has remained nearly the same, my click-through rates and average ad positions have dropped.

Campaign #1 is still set at a preferred cost bid of $0.12. For the past two weeks my actual CPC was at $0.09. However it has increased by $0.01 in the past seven days from $0.09 to $0.10. My CTR has decreased in this campaign by 47% going from 8.16% to 4.26%. And my average ad position has also decreased from position 2 to positions 3-4.

Campaign #2, which has a preferred cost bid set at $0.10, has remained at $0.10 the entire time. My CTR for this campaign has decreased by 19%, but my average ad position has remained the same.

If you have some wiggle room in a campaign I would definitely recommend testing an ad group for your self, especially if you’re concerned with dropping your CPC. If anyone has different results, I’d love to hear about them!