Many relationship therapists will tell you that the key to a successful long-term relationship is keeping things new, exciting, and fresh. The same is true for our online relationships – if you want to keep your Facebook fans happy, you’ll need to add new content regularly. While you can’t join a French cooking class with your fans, you can still show them you care by treating them to regular updates to your fan page.

Here are a few quick ways to keep your Facebook fan pages and advertising programs fresh.

Create Unique and Dynamic Tabs

Instead of sticking solely to the default tabs, add custom tabs to your fan page so that visitors have a variety of places to explore and interact with your brand.

Make your pages visually dynamic with cool graphics or photographs.

Here are a few great examples of dynamic Facebook landing pages:

Social Rank

Immediately we are asked to “like” this page through the use of a colorful graphic rather than plain text. They’ve also bulleted out some advantages of becoming a fan.

Diesel Landing Page

Diesel’s extremely self-aware landing page makes me smile. Begging for our attention is certainly one way to get it.

Diesel Facebook

Immediately upon “liking” Diesel, we are taken to a new page that invites us to join in on a fun little game by naming the thing you would not want to bring with you to a desert island. They also cleverly incorporated an original “Dislike” icon, integrating their brand into the language of Facebook.

‘Tis the Season for Profile Pictures

Be sure to change your profile picture from time to time. Try to match the season: adding snowflakes to your background at Christmas, pumpkins around Halloween, etc. Although it seems like a small touch, it’s a refreshing surprise for users.

Bigelow Tea Facebook

Bigelow has a plethora of profile pics, each changing with the season. There’s even a Valentine’s Day themed pic. (Because nothing says “You are the pearl of my world, the love and treasure of my life” like a box of tea bags.)

Keep Your Friends Close & Your Enemies Closer

Make sure you’re utilizing your fan page to its full potential. There are lots of good examples of excellent fan pages. Try browsing other company fan pages—especially those of your competitors! Take note of what they do well and where you could improve yourself.

Know how to do damage control – play around with Facebook’s Blocklist options. The Profanity Blocklist filters posts with curse words to a secret Hidden Posts tab that only an admin can see. The Moderation Blocklist allows you to automatically filter posts with certain keywords to the Hidden Posts tab. Blocking certain negative words and competitor names helps ensure that only positive content appears on your Page. The admin can access the Hidden Posts tab and look at any posts that were filtered out. If the admin wants to put the hidden post back on the Page’s wall, they can click the X button next to it and click “Unhide post.”

Generally, it’s a smart idea to set your profanity blocklist to “Strong,” add a range of terms to the Moderation Blocklist, and regularly check out the Hidden Posts section and unhide the appropriate posts.

Be Creative with Your Ad Targeting

If you advertise on Facebook, think about sneaky ways you can improve your targeting. For example, while Facebook doesn’t ask for income information from users, many businesses want to get their ads in front of affluent users.

If you’re interested in finding potential customers in this tax bracket, consider targeting specific high-profile job titles such as President, CEO, and Partner. Target those who “like” classier travel destinations such as “Ibiza” or “The Hamptons,” and don’t forget the expensive hobbies like “horseback riding” or “yachting.” You can also target the geographic location of the wealthy by picking out specific neighborhoods and suburbs belonging to the upper crust.

In the new “Broad Category” targeting, you can target luxury goods. If someone’s spending big bucks on mink coats and sports cars, chances are they have some money to throw your way too!

About the Author: Megan Marrs is a marketing associate at WordStream, a provider of PPC management software and services, as well as a new Keyword Research Suite for discovering and organizing keywords for SEO and PPC.