As many of you know, I love Facebook ads and write about them all the time.  A week or so ago I wrote a post about the top free hosting companies in the World.  I don’t as much want to talk about the free hosting companies or hosting in general as we know their clicks are super expensive.  In this post I’ll teach you how to get explosive traffic through Facebook ads and promoted posts.

First thing to getting traction on Facebook is talking about peoples passions.  When I started putting up ads on Facebook I truly wanted to know who was the best out there when it comes to the free hosting world.  I targeted people and businesses that I figured would respond when I asked them.  I basically went after the “super passionate” people and asked them info about hosting.  I also targeted some of the companies that I knew would be on the list.  I was surprised when I did this that several of them picked other companies, lol.

I originally put $100 towards the trial but ended up getting so many interactions that I sprung $1500 to prove my point.


Though our little test, we reached 2.2 million people by targeting a variety of hosting niches, clients, and companies.  We also targeted international which helped improve and decrease our click costs.  We ended up with a 1.5% ctr on Facebook.  Pretty good considering the countless other campaigns I’ve run on there.

Our 1.5% ctr resulted in 36k clicks to our questionnaire.  From that 28,586 actions were performed as a result of the $1500 that we spent.

I also have to mention we received over 29.4k additional likes, 1897 shares and 9256 comments through this particular promotion!

People love sharing their opinion, especially when it relates to what they are doing.  We did some promotions on G+ and Twitter but that only ended up resulting in around 1200 votes.  After everything said and done we ended up with 43,000+ votes on who the top hosting company was.  We ended up getting around 3800 people come to our site and 1236 people sign-up for our service.  That wasn’t even our goal but ended up happening.  Would you pay this much to get 1200 new customers?

You can get explosive traffic from Facebook if you find what people are passionate about. This will be a very large key to get major traffic to your brand, product or in my case study!  Hope you enjoyed it, let me know if you have any Facebook questions!

Here are the results from our case study!

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